The Luxaflex range of outdoor blinds and awnings has a solution for just about every situation for your home. From Straight drop awnings such as the Luxaflex Evo or Evo MagnaTrack, to the expansive Luxaflex Folding Arm Retractable Awnings series. Create an outdoor entertaining area and extend your living area outside today.


If you are looking to create a comfortable outdoor environment where you can relax and entertain, look no further than the Luxaflex Outdoor Blinds and Awnings Collection.
Featuring an extensive range of contemporary and timeless styles, Luxaflex awnings are designed to fit windows of all shapes and sizes and are suited for a number of exterior settings including terraces, patios and large outdoor areas. Specifically designed for the harsh UV and demanding Australian weather conditions, Luxaflex awnings help shade your windows, reducing the need for air conditioning and ultimately saving you on your energy costs!

With a large collection of materials, styles and operating choices to suit a diverse range of homes, Luxaflex awnings provide the ideal balance between style and functionality. Contact us today, to start your home exterior transformation!