Does biophilic design improve wellbeing?

The events of the last few years have seen most of us spending more time indoors than ever before. As such, it’s not surprising that we’ve seen the growing popularity of biophilic design in interiors. Essentially, biophilic design is all about bringing nature, and natural elements into the home. This can include textures, colours and shapes that are inspired by nature, as well as actual living plants and foliage. Think colours like green, ochre and brown, and textures like stone and granite, as well as natural materials like timber. “Biophilic design is probably one of the most significant design trends for the coming year. Long periods of lockdown have intensified our need to connect with nature in our homes,” says Neale Whitaker, Luxaflex brand ambassador “At its simplest, it’s our love of house plants, but at its most sophisticated, biophilic design explores the relationship between indoors and outdoors and the creation of outdoor rooms – especially important here in Australia.”

How are window coverings part of biophilic design?

There are three key ways in which your choice of window coverings can allow you to give your home a nature-inspired look and feel, in keeping with biophilic design elements:

#1 – Enabling the flow of air and light

One of the most important elements in biophilic design is creating a connection to the outdoors – letting natural light and air flow the home. By choosing the right window coverings, you can create a greater sense of connectedness with the world outside.

Luxaflex® Duette Shades, with their unique honeycomb-like structure, are a classic example of design that’s been inspired by nature – bringing important acoustic and thermal benefits. These shades, when combined with Day Night fabric, are a great option for controlling light and privacy, and maximising insulation. They have excellent insulating properties due to their unique cellular structure, which traps air within the cells and creates a barrier between inside and outside.

Luxaflex Luminette Privacy Sheers are another a great option in living spaces -as they can be closed when you need privacy, but completely opened in the day to allow for maximum visibility and airflow – making them an ideal option for expansive windows or sliding doors. Also, even when closed, they still let a soft and flattering light to filter into the room.

You can read more about enabling the flow of natural light with your window coverings in this blog here. Or watch this video on transforming natural light with Neale Whitaker.

#2 – Choice of fabric and texture

All Luxaflex blinds are completely custom-made to suit your home and your specific preferences, and for each type of window covering, you have a range of fabric options to choose from. By choosing those in neutral tones, or light browns and greens, you can bring a natural element into your interiors.

Similarly, by choosing more translucent fabrics in living areas, you can ensure a constant flow of natural light into spaces.

#3 – Nature-inspired digital prints

At Luxaflex, we create window coverings that have enduring style and are made to last for several generations. However, we also lead the way when it comes to contemporary designs that will make your home look fresh, new and on-trend.

If you want to take your biophilic design elements one step further, our Luxaflex Roller Blind range includes several ‘Escape and Embrace’ digital prints. From the evolved representation of botanical elements, to watercolour florals, these prints allow the tranquillity of the outdoors to flow into the home.

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